What did you think of Clothes Show Live? Tell us your Clothes Show stories...

"I loved the Fashion Theatre this year. I thought it was one of my favourites yet. The great thing with the clothes show is you don't know what to expect no matter how many times you go."

"Because I do count the Clothes Show Live as a must see- due to being in the fashion industry I feel its a good place to find new upcoming designers, finding new brands looking a new collections and good discounts."

"Definitely loved the Fashion Theatre. It was anticipated all day and it definitely left me with a big smile on my face and wanting it to start all over again. The music, people I went with and the atmosphere definitely. I am extremely happy that I attended the clothes show live 2012."

"I had a great time and bought a lot of great value cosmetics. The actual show in the Fashion Theatre was absolutely amazing and I also enjoyed the Books and the City lounge and stall."

"The past 3 year that I have been, I went with my dad as a bonding day, and we both really enjoy it and I was going on about Clothes Show Live to one of my best mates and she decided to come with us this year, and really enjoyed the show as well!"

"Because there is so much to do there it's not only about clothes, you can pick up tips on beauty, hair and find the latest trends. It appeals to all ages too and I will be bringing my mum next year too! "

"As I will be going on to study Fashion next year at university it was a great experience both to see how everything works, and obviously the shopping element itself. I was also scouted which was both a great experience and opportunity! There are so many things going on to keep me busy though the day, especially when i spent the whole day in a pair of 6' heels! Just fabulous really."