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Top industry experts share their top tips and give us an insight into their daily lives so you don't miss a thing.

Adolescent Clothing's Story
29 Nov 2013
Adolescent clothing was born with the passion to dive into a gap within a certain market,adolescent clothing that, with the right approach could excel magnificently.
We wanted to develop a brand for the fashion conscious 11-16 year old girls, providing them with products that venture away from the parental contradictions of tight dresses but that has a relaxed, and highly on trend feel.
The fashion world is ever changing and girls are beginning to look back at the more modest clothing to become a part of the social fashion society. We, at Adolescent Lifestyle, have researched into what is currently on the market, what’s ‘IN’, what our target market are looking for and the fashion figures that inspire them.
Cara Delevingne has been a fashion sensation, and it is her casual, street style that has made her stand out from the crowd and have a unique look that many young girls appear to be picking up on. The beanie hat with a baggy caption tee used to be seen as the ‘tomboy’ look, but not anymore, any girl seen rocking this fashion combo will be sure to turn heads.
adolescent clothingOnce the designs had been finalised, it became apparent that it wasn't only the girls that were looking for something that was a little different to the mass-produced, high street brand products available today. Boy’s, as they grow, become more fashion conscious and we also realised there was a huge gap in the market here. There is a limited choice out on the high street, and buy offering them a product that is unique, we feel as though we can bring together both boys and girls by giving them their own style.
As a brand, we wanted to steer away from the mass produced, and mass marketed products and develop something that people of this age can call their own. Growing up is about discovering who you really are, and we want to help aid the new generation into finding their own identity.
These are very exciting times for us, and we are delighted to be working with the Clothes Show Live to launch the Adolescent brand. We are also proud to announce that we will be working with "Britain & Irelands Next Top Model “ at the show. We will be producing bespoke design shirts for all the models, as well as some of our collection being worn within the catwalk show itself.
adolescent clothing

Venus Cow Looking Good Doing Good At The Clothes Show Live 2013
18 Nov 2013
These days Shirley Yanez splits her time working as “The Free Life Coach” and running 


her British fashion brand, Venus Cow; the company she formed only six months ago with the release of the PBL, perfect black legging.
After making her fortune in the City of London in the 1990’s and then losing every penny so hard earned in the stock market crash of 2000, life as she knew it changed almost overnight and initiated a downward spiral that for the next 5 years saw her endure homelessness and serious illness in Los Angeles before returning to the UK to undergo lifesaving surgery on the NHS in 2005.
Through what Shirley now describes as the most difficult yet most inspired time in her life she found her calling and purpose and following her own personal journey of self-discipline, self-discovery and transformation created a free life coaching program online Venus Cow and began her work as The Free Life Coach opening a street clinic where she was available for anyone in trouble.
venus cowShirley achieved some great successes helping the obese, the addicted, the depressed, the homeless change the way they thought in order to take back control of their lives and curb the temporary quick fix behaviours, like comfort eating or excessive alcohol consumption that were causing their problems in the first place. Her brutal truth, good humour and common sense approach led to life coaching slots on Trisha Goddard, Channel  5, BBC TV and Radio and ITV Tonight. Working at what she loved made her inordinately happy however with no funding available to continue, she was forced to find a way of raising finance to cover the free life coaching support, something when it is most needed she had discovered first hand is not available to those without money.
The PBL, perfect black legging and other pieces in the Venus Cow staple collection were created by Shirley, also an ex-Hollywood fashion stylist and legging lover unable to find the perfect pair of black leggings for herself. Her objective was to strike the ideal balance between quality and affordability and design a product many women wanted but someone was yet to come up with. The checklist for the legging; comfort, fit, quality, no see through, no bagging, no muffin top, Made in England and affordable and attainable for everyone. The PBL, shipped worldwide has been extremely well reviewed and has received celebrity praise from Sinitta and journalist and author Liz Hoggard. Now; a 

woman with one goal in mind, to do more and more good through Venus Cow her social enterprise, Shirley is on a mission to share her PBL with every woman, rebuilding her empire based entirely on hard work giving back.

venus cow

The PBL features are:
92% 220g highest grade cotton and 8% elastane which is cashmere soft to touch, dense (so no see through) and stretchy enough to mould to an individual's body, slim you down and suck you in a little without compromising on comfort. The high elastane content also doubles up to create "spring back" so when you take them off and then wear again there is no bagging or sagging. The flat fronted covered waist band is cut for comfort, fit and to minimise any muffin top and the PBL, designed for real women, comes in 4 sizes which fit from a 6-22.
The PBL is Made in England, in Leicester to the highest standards of quality, finished by hand helping to boast British Manufacturing.
You can see Shirley in action and experience the PBL, perfect black leggings and other staple pieces of the Venus Cow collection for yourself at Clothes Show Live, 2013.

Antonia, Clothing Designer at Glamorous.
09 Sep 2013

GlamorousI studied at the University of Leeds for three years where I gained a degree in Fashion Design. During my studies I gained some worked experience with a fashion company in Manchester doing an array of things from graphic design to PR, I learned a lot from this and that is when I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion Design.

After I graduated I travelled to Sydney where I interned for an Australian fashion brand, assisting one of the head designers. I was then given a job as an Assistant Designer where I worked for 2 years. I then moved back to the UK where I got a role as a Designer for Glamorous.

Glamorous AW13

I am really excited for AW13 as I think it is one of our best collections yet! Personally Autumn/Winter is my favourite season as I love all the different textures from Velvet to PU and everyone loves a bit of Fur. This collection we have really tried to include key elements of all the upcoming seasonal trends, while creating some statement hero pieces too. We worked with some really exciting prints and looked at what was a hit on the catwalks and then which elements could be incorporated with our brand.

In Antonia’s Wardrobe

I am sometimes a creature of habit when it comes to clothing as I am a sucker for anything black as I think black always looks classic. However I do like a colourful accessory such as a statement pair of shoes that you can just throw on and it can completely jazz up and outfit. You will definitely find a piece... or two of PU in my wardrobe this season as well as a cocoon coat. I really like pieces of clothing that are easy to wear which you can dress up or down, I think sometimes less is more. 

See more at Glamorous.com


The Nica handbag story...
16 Aug 2013


Nica KimHandbag Designer Nica Kim began her fashion career by winning a competition - which proves that entering really can change your life!

In her penultimate year as a student at the London College of Fashion, she entered a design competition and won a week’s placement at an international fashion company. They were so impressed with her concepts and creations that they offered her a job once she graduated… And so the Nica brand was born!

Nica Handbags is about mixing creative designs with affordability, and allows a woman to express her individuality with casual, relaxed pieces that are timeless in style. Nica’s distinctive designs featuring charming embellishment, whimsical prints, and quirky traits have added to the brand’s success ever since its launch in 2005. As a Designer, Nica is inspired by an array of different mediums, which includes anything from retro fashion scenes right through to nature itself, and she details all of her inspirations over on her blog Nicas Notebook

The brand is continuing to go from strength to strength. It’s currently stocked in over 400 UK based retailers alone, and is quickly expanding its presence around the globe.

Each collection takes you upon a brand new journey, and is one of the most inspirational handbag brands currently upon the market! Nica Handbags is a true lifestyle brand, which abides by the philosophy to live life, have fun, and express yourself. Peruse around her current designs and derive some inspiration for your own competition entries. Who knows? - It may be your print that gets featured upon one of our floral handbags.

Nica Story

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