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Vintage love
11 Apr 2014

Today I’m showing some big love to our Vintage exhibitors. These guys have been flying the vintage flag at Clothes Show for years and doing an extremely good job of it! Coming across the Vintage section at Clothes Show is like stumbling onto treasure! Lots of fashion steals, always bang on trend and some amazing people who live and breathe the vintage industry….

Here’s a few vintage brands that you have to see at the show this year 

Headlock Vintage headlock vintage

Mooch Vintage 

Mooch Vintage

Mad Elizabeth Vintage mad elizabeth vintage

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Waving the Independent Flag
28 Mar 2014

This week I've selected a handful of our favourite independent brands that you can find at Clothes Show this year! 

and clothing

This hand made, limited edition, tropical print beanie from 'And Clothing' is getting us in the mood for festival season! 

Find them at stand 6-304 at this year's show


Clothes Show 'Spectrum Collections' are showcasing their new range of quality and fashion forward make-up brushes.

Visit them on stand 20-64 

FOH Apparel

'FOH Apparel' are flying the flag for our menswear pavilion.

Be sure to give them a visit on stand 6-264 

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Chic Freak, Alice Takes a Trip & Kausar
21 Mar 2014

Last month I visited Pure London and was so impressed by the areas that were dedicated to independent  and British fashion brands (about 80% manufactured in the UK). 

The first thing that caught my eye was these gorgeous macs by Chic Freak.
Is it too early to start buying for my festival wardrobe?

chic freak

Alice Takes a Trip...regulars at Clothes Show, this brand never fails to get the heads turning! All their pieces are made in their hometown in Sheffield.

alice takes a trip

Handbag brand Kausar had a lovely story behind it and a true feeling of exclusivity!
After chatting to the designer Kausor, I fell in love with her, as well as her pieces.
Each bag includes a print of an empowered female inside as well as, (she had me at EMPOWERED FEMALE) an uplifting quote and a crystal in the lining - said to have healing and protective properties.





The Feather Tree
04 Dec 2013


In the spotlight this week is a beautiful ethical clothing company called Feathertree,
Their stunning bold prints will certainly cheer you up in the gloomy weather!

the feather tree

It's festival time!!
29 Jul 2013

Seeing as festival season is in full swing I’m bringing to you my top 3 festival pieces.

  1. Tatty Devine. 

    Taking plastic to a new level…all Tatty Devine pieces are made and produced in sunny ol’ England!
  2. Dr Martens.

    It’s the trusty, sturdy boot that’s still enjoying its revival. Dr Martens have now started manufacturing some of their products in the UK again so they’re still a firm favourite…

    ASOS doing their bit for the ethical fashion world. This dress is from their ASOS RECLAIMED range using recycled materials. 


pia 290713

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All Eyes on Hannah B Hodge...
16 Jul 2013

This week I’m putting the spotlight on Hannah B Hodge.

Hannah has been designing and making clothes since she was 14, and is currently building up her own brand. Her price points are affordable and pieces are bang on trend…another victory for British manufacturing ;)

You can shop form her range via the website on ASOS Marketplace…and of course at Clothes Show Live 2013 in the British Pavilion!

Hannah B Hodge

Hannah B Hodge

Hannah B Hodge

To dispose...or not?
28 Jun 2013

The Clothes Show team are really excited to be working with Pretty Nostalgic this year. 

I was flicking through one of their beautiful magazines and noticed their pledge on the last page.
The pledge is broken down into three categories... 'I will try to spend wisely...' 'I will try to waste less' and 'I will appreciate more'
This really resonates with me at the moment, the challenge I've taken on this year of avoiding certain shopping habits was getting really difficult!
Moving house tested me to the limits, everything I bought from new for the house was either ethical or second hand, which worked out well because I love my furniture and although it was a bit more time consuming to find the right pieces and refurbishing it, it was worth it... BUT I really wanted shiny new cutlery and pans for the new house. It felt odd packing away all my burnt pans to put in a spanking new house. 
Packing for my girly holiday to Croatia also nearly made me crack! The temptation to just buy a whole new wardrobe was certainly there.I'm desperate for some new bikinis!
However in the end what I've realised is that it's just an old habit of disposing and replacing too early. A big part of me wants to be let loose into the world of cheap fast fashion and flat pack furniture but I'm riding it out...(for now)
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Say NO to mass produced furniture!
13 Jun 2013
I'm currently in the middle of moving home which means I’m spending the weekend doing lots of boring chores however it also means I get to extend my ‘anti-mass production’ challenge into the realms of my home. 
So far I'm loving it! See some of my best finds below...
- TV console from eBay.
A beautiful wrought iron bed from a little company down in Norfolk who hand make all their beds locally and some are even names after their Grand kids..too cute! 
- Reindeer hide rug from a fabulous website Not on the High Street

The rug was supplied by Strawberry Hills 
They say home is where the heart is so I felt it was worth a bit of effort to go out of my way and avoid the flat pack furniture!

Barry Laden bringing back British manufacturing!
14 May 2013

Last Friday I had a very exciting day of fun East of the river! Starting with  a visit to The Laden Showroom in Shoreditch...

The Laden Showroom is the home of Independent fashion in London, and has been showcasing the best of independent fashion since 1999.  If you’re ever in the area I’d say it’s well worth the visit. I love their own label Renee London:
And I always love a bit of Your Eyes Lie!
Check out the rest of brands they look after!  Laden.co.uk
If ever there were any doubts in my mind about not keeping up with my challenge (only buying from indies up until after show) they were truly forgotten about after this visit.
I also got to meet up with Barry Laden, owner of the showroom and got to find out all about his exciting new venture and when I say exciting I mean super exciting!
Barry Laden’s only gone and opened up the first clothing factory in decades in East London!
East End Manufacturing opened in February this year and is going from strength to strength.
Even ol’ Boris Johnson has been down to the factory and had a go on a sewing machine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc3Edq-h-LQ
There are big plans in the pipeline for East End Manufacturing. Through crowd funding (look this up if you are a start-up and need financing) Barry Laden has managed to fund expansion plans already which means taking on more manufacturing work from more brands!
By going down the crowd funding route  BL’s  managed to avoid the banks and receive true 
support from the wider community. The plans received full funding within 8 days! Amazing results  considering it normally takes an average of 45 days with only 1 out of 10 even getting the funding!
I think this shows just how ready  we are to go local. I mean seriously, how many stories of poor working conditions overseas do we need to hear about?
Ethics should not be compromised EVER. 
The Made in Britain stamp is more valuable than ever right now, not only because of its ethical associations but also because it represents quality. 
The future looks better than it has in a long time for Made in Britain and I’m truly looking forward to it!
Pia x

Challenge Day 1
01 May 2013


Today is the re-launch my blog and I have set myself a massive challenge!
I’ve decided to show some serious love to the heart and soul of fashion. Independents.
Luckily I’m in an environment where I cannot ignore the amazing talent and creativity of the independent labels we have in the UK as they really are the bread and butter of the Clothes Show Live. But despite being fully aware of these fabulous brands I still find my wardrobe is dominated by what the chain stores have to offer.
I think I need to balance this out.
I’m definitely what you would call a ‘convenience shopper’ I’d rather just go to a shopping centre, get my quick fix and leave. Or browse on-line on the usual websites that I know and love without looking at the other options.
So this year…my super challenge (ok I know it’s not a marathon but still…) is to only buy from independent labels, emerging labels, vintage ,re-worked/up-cycled, and ethical fashion brands for the rest of 2013.
The hardest thing to do will be to give up ASOS. Ever since becoming a premier account holder about 95% of all my fashion purchases have come from this beloved website.
Luckily they have a wide selection of independent labels and of course there is ASOS Marketplace…so I can still get my fix!
And sooo the journey begins….

Fable Label
01 Nov 2012

Today I’m all about comfort! After a Halloween slumber party with the Clothes Show girls I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear my  new Fable Label t-shirt.

The cotton not only feels gorgeous on, it’s also made from 100% eco-fabric. This t-shirt is has earned its place firmly amongst my go-to comfort clothing.

Great print, great price and no guilt!

Pia Blog Fable Lable

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Adidas Dry up
16 Oct 2012

From our guest Do the green thing this week it is all about fashion and how this technique from Adidas is a must!


(Image: Adidas)

It takes 25 litres of water to dye just one regular t-shirt so it's not too surprising that we use an incredible amount of water (equal to that of the Mediterranean Sea) every two years to dye the world's clothing.

But things might be changing.

Adidas have launched revolutionary dry dye t-shirts which use zero water to dye. This summer they started using DryDye technology to colour 50,000 t-shirts, saving a full sized swimming pool of water to make this batch of tees and be a bit more All Conserving.


(Image: Fabandstuff)

The innovative process uses a pressurised form of carbon dioxide instead of water and it also uses 50% less energy and 50% fewer chemicals to dye clothing. So far Adidas are only using the process on t-shirts. But they hope to expand the practice to everything from hats to socks.

Well done Adidas.

Cute T-Shirts Galore!
08 Oct 2012

My go-to outfit on a Monday is always a cute t-shirt, jeans and my leopard print Converse, I’m an avid collector of quirky t-shirts so you can only imagine my reaction when Genki Gear sent products into the office.

These t-shirts are just the right mix of cute, cool and funny.

Not only are they aesthetically great, they are also produced with 100% ethical cotton of Fair Wear manufacturing.

The lovely Frankie of Frankie Says Shop is modelling some of the pieces for me!

Genki gear we salute you xxx




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Good As New
24 Sep 2012

We’ve got another guest entry from Do The Green Thing this week. Olivia Knight has shared her thoughts on a consumerism and on a challenge that she set herself that would send the average fashion lover crazy!!

Read more to find out exactly what this entails…

So London Fashion Week is over. I followed as I always do. But taking on my Not New Challenge last year – 12 months buying only second hand clothes – has changed my life so profoundly that even though my official challenge is now over I can’t look at the  catwalk the way I used do. I just don’t desire this stuff anymore.

This doesn’t mean I’ve lost my love of clothes, my sense of style or that I don’t love shopping. But I’ve given up entirely on the Fashion industry.

The much-celebrated Marc Jacobs ‘Barcode’ T-shirt says it all really. Fashion is about consumption. It’s a machine that makes us spend money (that we don’t often have) on things that are deliberately designed and manufactured not to last more than a season.

I now shop only in vintage stores, flea markets and charity shops. My conscience is clear, my wardrobe is delightful and my bank balance is better off. My addiction to consumerism – the reason I started my challenge – has gone. I will never go back to newness. And I am much happier for it.

Two Things I’ve learnt this last year about behaviour change:

1. Private resolutions don’t work, public projects do. If you want to change something about your life don’t try to do it quietly and don’t try to do it permanently. Just challenge yourself to change a specific behaviour for a set period of time – that could be a year but 6 months will do the trick – tell everyone about it and then blog about it. Turns out the change becomes pretty permanent.

 2. Not new tights are not nice.

Next up, getting rid of the car.

Good as new


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17 Sep 2012

This week we have a guest blog entry from a fabulous and inspirational website called ‘Do The Green Thing’ Check out their website for fun tips and advice on living a greener life. Make sure you take a peek at their shop section to get some glove love…

Clothes factory floors are covered with scraps and off cuts which usually just get swept up and chucked away.

But not in Publish's factory.

They have been busy collecting up all their material waste and rather than throwing it into the incinerator, they have re-purposed it and made it into a new line of clothing, Second Chance, to help bring awareness into an industry that is all about the end result and doesn't give two hoots about the process.

It might sound a bit scrappy but when you look at these pieces you wouldn't think they have come from the factory floor.

Enough material was salvaged to produce 100 pieces in each colour for all the designs. An impressive range that includes t-shirts, vests, shorts and trousers.

And the cherry on the cake is the beautiful packaging. The clothes are rolled up and secured with a paper tag. Just stunning.

It's time for sustainable fashion to slip out of its hemp and tie-dye stereotypes and say hello to mindfully crafted, desirable dressing.

P.S. We've been doing something similar ourselves. It's called Saved. You can get your hands on our Saved t-shirts in our ASOS Marketplace shop.


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My Wardrobe
13 Sep 2012

my_wardrobeA woman’s wardrobe is constantly changing…new things come in, old things get chucked. We can get trendy clothes and accessories at the same price as a can of coke. This is great right?

Errr….maybe not actually….

Is this really VALUE for money?

For the first time I’m beginning to question this habit that we all have. After examining the contents of my shiny, white, wardrobes I’ve noticed how short the life span of some of my clothes are. It’s left me feeling slightly cheated actually! As if the bargain buys I thought they once were, have turned out to be nothing more than disposable pieces of junk. They’ll never become fully fledged members of my wardrobe. Not like the vintage leather, baby pink blazer I bought from my local second hand shop or my hand printed 100% pure cotton summer dress that has lasted me 7 summers! These little tricksters will probably be outlived my biro! I’m not doing my beautiful wardrobes justice with this type of behaviour nor is it where I want to spend my hard earned money. I’d rather invest in something worth while.

This is all very well and good saying, however essentially what it means for the average working girl is ignoring the craving for a quick fix, and probably buying less! In reality we don’t need the things we think we need, and although our shopping patterns come from a very practical need to save money, it’s still important to question what we’re buying.

Through my desire for finding better quality clothes, I’ve also begun to question the impact our shopping habits are having on the rest of the world. If asked 3 months ago what ethical fashion is the first thing that sprung to mind would’ve been hemp! However I’ve realised it’s so much more than that! There is a world of truly amazing, beautiful pieces from really fashion forward brands. I’ve discovered some real gems within the vintage markets, and the second hand shops I’ve visited. I’ve been inspired to upcycle rather than to throw away, and feel the need to get creative and learn to hand customise…who knows, I may even purchase a sewing machine! What better feeling than to rock something you’ve helped create!

We also create an individual collection of fashion for our wardrobes that will hopefully last a bit longer than one 30 degree spin!

So is it possible to look fabulous and be ethical? I’m taking on a mission… I’m on the hunt for ethical and on trend, fair trade but also fairly priced!

Wish me luck

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A step in the right direction
18 May 2012

This week I’m focussing on a girl’s best friends…Shoes!!!

I bring to you 3 ethically fabulous and fashion forward shoe brands

Beyond Skin Beyond Skin
The most beautiful vegan footwear ever to walk the earth
Jinga Jinga
These guys bring some real Brazilian heat with their range. 100% made in Brazil and 100% fair trade.
Gideon Gideon

Ok, I know we’ve featured trainers on here already but these guys are too cool to miss out!!! Not only are they fresh and funky, the cause they support is just as striking. Check out their story on their website!

So I have to be honest here, I searched high and low for some ethical footwear that appeals to a fashion savvy gal’ like myself (I’d like to think so anyway ) and I struggled. why do we not have more? Is it manufacturing costs? Isn’t there a demand for it? It’s got me wondering  where the shoes on the high street come from? Thoughts please….

To all the ethical shoe brands out there who do no compromise on style we salute you


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H&M Fast Fashion no more!
03 May 2012

Clothes Show Live - Fast Fashion No More

H&M’s ethical agenda has been the subject of many debates recently, and It would be fair to say that there are some critics.

Can fast fashion ever be ethical? Is there not something fundamentally wrong about aligning these two worlds?

There’s no right answer for this, it’s completely down to opinion

I believe it’s all about breaking boundaries, and a fast fashion giant such as H&M attempting to unite their business with ethical fashion is truly pioneering! Some may say it IS NOT  a match made in heaven, and yes you can argue there could  be a conflict of interests within this marriage, but what relationship is perfect ay?

Fast fashion will always exist, it’s unrealistic to expect it to be eliminated. All we can hope for is that ethics are taken into consideration, goals are set to minimise the negative effects on the planet and it’s people and that this is constantly being regulated and improved.

Even as individuals, the majority of us could make room for better ethical practices within our lives and although H&M aren’t able to guarantee that every aspect of their business will be seen as 100% ethical, I believe  that the exposure they have given ethical fashion, the goals they have set themselves and the fact that their competitors too will now embrace the world of ethical fashion should be viewed as a step forward.

H&M we salute you!


Pea Awards

The PEA Awards in association with The Co-operative celebrated the best in the world of ‘Green’ and honoured those who have demonstrated the importance of sustainability.

There were also winners and finalists that have come from the world of fashion!

This is testament to the fact that although seen by others as a shallow and wasteful industry there is a counter culture of change on the horizons slowly seeping its way into the mainstream consciousness!

The awards were held in a venue with real ‘underground’ charm, the exposed brickwork on the walls gave it a rustic feel and the huge dramatic, black velvet curtains all added to the general coolness of it all.

Not only were we treated to amazing entertainment, we also had some delicious ethical treats and got our hands on some juniper green organic gin! Delicious!                   .

Clothes Show Live Clothes show Live



A real highlight from the night was meeting with Jo Wood. Jo Wood is founder of Jo Woods organics, and a pioneer in this world. She was one of the judges at the awards and I was lucky enough to be introduced.

Glamour, rock n roll, fashion and ethics are all to be found on Jo Woods CV! She is right up our street at Clothes Show! 

Jo Woods

Jo was a model throughout the 70’s and then went onto become a stylist for her then husband Ronnie Woods, whilst on tour with the Rolling Stones. She also designed for fashion label No Scruples.

Jo is a big supporter of ethical fashion and when I asked her why she felt it was important she highlighted something that I think any true fashionista would agree with

‘There’s so many beautiful clothes in the world, why not re-use them? It’s important for us to have a sense of individualism…’

Ethical fashion finalists include Orsola De Castro, Co-Founder, From Somewhere who was nominated under the ‘arts, fashion and music category’ From Somewhere has been in the game of re-cycling high-end textile waste since 1997 and is run by Orsolo De Castro and Filippo Ricci. www.fromsomewhere.co.uk/

Rebecca Gray, Founder, Fresh Cargo was nominated for the Business Person of They Year. Fresh Cargo are fair trade retailers. They stock women’s fashion, men’s fashion and jewellery. Guilt free shopping at an affordable price.


Ethical fashion winners include Gary Lawson founder of THTC who won under the Arts, fashion and music’ category. THTC retail organic, fair trade and sustainable t-shirts with a street  edge.


Sven Segal, CEO and Founder, Po-Zu won the Entrepreneur of the year award. Po Zu are ethical footwear manufacturers.

To all the winners and finalists ‘We salute you!’


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This year Clothes Show Live are working with a fashionably fabulous brand called Makki as part of our ethical mission.

Makki’s range is proof that we can be fashion forward and live in a more sustainable world.

Joanne Temperton created the brand in 2003 and also started as the sole designer.

Makki create striking and original handbags and clutches.

I’m an absolute fiend for handbags, and I must show you all a clutch that literally brought tears to my eyes!

Clutch Bag

Don’t’ worry, that’s quite a normal reaction for us Clothes Show girls when we get excited over products!

Makki uses eel skin that is a by- product of the wider food industry in South Korea. The eels are farmed for food and the skins would otherwise be thrown away.

The pony hair they use is actually cow hair (pony hair is a term used in the fashion industry) & is a by product of the wider food industry, as is the Italian calf skin.

There is such a strong element of the exotic with their ranges, and a uniqueness that you just don’t come across often on the high street.


Makki we salute you!

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The Great Fashion Cycle

This week I met with the Environmental Justice Foundation and found out more about the wonderful work that they do!

These guys are one of the most active charities campaigning against major social and environmental causes. They have the support of some real fashion veterans and icons such as Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett. They’re supported by a host of great designers like Richard Nicholl and Alice Temperley and you’ll also see many style icons like Naomi Campbell, Lily Cole and Pixie Geldof sporting these fab t shirts.

The EJF have been organising a truly stylish and fun way to not only keep fit but raise money towards their work that addresses the environmental and human rights abuses within the fashion industry.

Clothes Show Live - Great Fashion Cycle

So who fancies a quick little bike ride from London to the fashion capital of the world, Paris!?

Challenging it may be, but just imagine the gorgeous couture that awaits you on the other side (even if you are just window shopping) and of course the fabulous views and wonderful people you’ll meet!

Registration is still open for the Great Fashion Cycle in September!

EJF we salute you!



In Homage of Mary Portas

In homage of Mary Portas’s fabulous programme Mary’s Bottom line I want to bring you a selection of 5 Made in Britain fashion brands

  1. Junk Shop
  2. Tatty Devine
  3. Jennifer Lilly
  4. Alice Takes a Trip
  5. Vanisha’s Design Boutique


If you’re not in the know already about Mary’s Bottom Line you better get to know! This programme will take your appreciation of the words ‘Made in England to a whole new level. It digs deeper than the average consumers though process and shows you first hand how we could change lives and support our economy by going back to the good old days of British manufacturing.

Clothes Show Live - In homage of Mary Porta's

Clothes Show Live - In homage of Mary Porta's

Clothes Show Live - In homage of Mary Porta's

Clothes Show Live - In homage of Mary Porta's


We salute you Mary!

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