Geeks and Stitches: No 1 fan

07 Jan 2013

There are many benefits to working on Clothes Show but my number one is that you get to meet some amazing design talent. During the event, I could often be found at the Geeks & Stitches stand in Chic Wardrobe as not only did they have some major clothing but also the Geeks and Stitches team are just too gorgeous and came to the event with the biggest, positive, fashion vibes ever! I brought a suit, a dress and then another dress! This jacket is part of my two-piece skirted suit and is a 100% silk. It is the perfect way to smarten up your black leggings or jeans. The beautiful detail and print represents the whole G&S collection and I cannot wait to see next season!


Geeks and StitchesJacket by Geeks and Stitches

Leggings by Zara

Boots from TK Maxx

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